Clients and target audience

The spectrum of services offered by LBMS is directed at the following clients and target audience:

  • Companies in the financial sector
  • Public-sector clients
  • Institutions
  • Interest groups and stakeholders
  • Other private organisations
  • Corporates
  • Startups


  1. For our clients, we implement consulting projects in the focus areas of risk management, strategy and regulatory questions:
    • They may consist of the realisation of specific tasks and undertakings: such as the improvement of parameter estimations or the adaptation thereof to new requirements, generally taking into consideration new supervisory requirements in processes, estimations and systems, the modification or new design of rating models, the development of other risk quantification and risk management systems, etc.
    • But work can also take place primarily at a conceptual level, whereby the focus could be, e.g., on the joint development or realignment of strategies, business segments or areas of activity.
  2. We conduct studies to analyse current economic policy or regulatory topics:
    • The results of such investigations can, for example, lead to discussion papers or statements at a national or international level, if this is one of the objectives pursued.
    • If desired, as part of the overall process, we also take on project coordination or project management tasks within and between multiple participating stakeholder groups (from clients to study participants all the way to other third parties).
  3. Upon request, we offer specially designed in-house training or 1:1 coaching sessions that are tailored to the respective client: The scope of contents ranges across all our focus areas.
    • In terms of structure, the training sessions can be set up with either an application-based or a scientific orientation, depending on what is required.
    • The 1:1 coaching sessions are predominantly aimed at working through strategic issues and aspects.
  4. Proprietary risk model applications.