The substantial areas on which our work focuses are the topics of strategy, risk management and regulation in as well as with respect to the financial sector. These three major fields are, after all, interdependent and should be regarded in an integrated manner as part of an overall analysis or fundamental strategy definition.

1. Strategy

Where will the journey of your current business segments take you in the next five to ten years? What new relevant areas of business will arise during this time? Where are the comparative strengths and weaknesses of your institution when you look at the future market players and market conditions?

We provide you with a somewhat different perspective on your question or task formulation. Different in the respect that in our work, we have recourse not only to extensive experience in central banking and consulting, but also to scientific and economic policy expertise wherever this is necessary for the consideration of specific contents and contexts, as well as to various experiences and findings from the start-up sector.

2. Risk management

The occurrences experienced over the last years have once again demonstrated quite impressively that the quality of a financial institution’s risk management plays a crucial role in its continued success and prosperity.

Due to the fast pace of innovation and high level of competitiveness in the financial sector, risk management is generally under strong pressure to evolve here. Add to this the far-reaching structural and regulatory changes in the industry that have already taken place over the last few years and that are still to come.

We offer consulting and implementation services in connection with the following risk management topics in particular:

  • Internal rating models
  • Identification, analysis and modelling of risk factors
  • Credit risk modelling on a single-name basis
  • Portfolio credit risk modelling
  • Modelling of structured credit / structured assets
  • Risk aggregation
  • Steering instruments and processes
  • Market risk models

3. Regulatory topics

The regulatory framework has an impact on risk management as well as strategy decisions, across the entire financial sector. And under consideration of this aspect, it is incorporated into our work across the board. For further-reaching, more profound regulatory questions, our main industry focus is on the banking sector.