LBMS is a consulting firm specialising in strategy, risk management and regulatory matters in the financial sector. Our work covers a broad range of topics. It unfolds in a space spanned by future industry challenges, existing regulatory requirements and structures, and the latest insights from applied and academic research – while always adhering to the highest quality standards. We consider both institutional and interest-related independence as an essential prerequisite for the performance of the spectrum of services to which we are committed.


Our expertise is based on well-founded analytical training, extensive experience in central banking, consulting, applied research, and the implementation of innovative development projects. The core focus in all this is on risk management, risk quantification / risk modelling, regulation and strategic considerations in the financial sector. The emphasis with respect to regulatory issues is on the banking sector. Our established cooperation with academic researchers ensures that the very latest scientific findings make their way into our methods.

Corporate Development

LATEST: The business segment “Development of Risk Model Applications” is outsourced to a company that is newly established together with scientific partners and that specialises in this task. It provides risk model applications on a cloud computing basis with platform elements (

2017: The process of setting up the section “Development of Risk Model Applications” – prompted by specific questions in consulting projects and also based on our self-concept as management consultants firmly rooted in research – begins in 2017 (following preparatory work that has been going on since 2015). It starts out with the presentation of the first concept design of the MACROPILOT: An Advanced Macroeconomic Stress Testing and Scenario Analysis Tool for Risk Management and Strategic Decision Making Purposes, Conceptual Design, work in cooperation with the University of Vienna.

2015: Launch of Finance Pictures: Finance Pictures is a non-profit initiative with which we aim to make a small contribution towards the elaboration and communication of important economic issues for various target groups. The element that lends its name to Finance Pictures are cartoons and videos produced in a comic book style. They are worded and depicted in a way that condenses the content of the topics, brings it into focus and makes it accessible for the respective target group in an appealing manner.

: In the course of the continued development of the activities, 2014 saw the founding of LBMS Advisory Services GmbH, which by now comprises the areas of LMBS Consulting and Finance Pictures.

2010: LBMS was founded by Luise Breinlinger in the year 2010 as a consultant firm focused on financial advisory services.