Financial Stability Board Recommendations for Supervisory and Regulatory Approaches to Climate-related Risks

Financial Stability Board recommendations on incorporating systemic risks into supervisory and regulatory approaches, and on reporting and collection of climate-related data.

Capturing and measuring climate-related risks: Status and best practice at financial institutions

The Network for Greening the Financial System published in May 2022 a status report on the progress made by financial institutions, credit rating agencies and supervisors in accounting for climate-related risk differentials (meaning, risk differentials between green and non-green assets or activities). The survey sought to identify the most advanced practices in green vs. non-green classification and in the assessment of risk differentials. Some of the…

The Truth Beneath International Deglobalisation Trends in Banking (21.8.2017)

Deglobalisation in banking? Or rather: Cyclical deleveraging of European banks with their foreign claims, while other regions have been expanding their international activities.

In June 2017, the Bank for International Settlements published a Working Paper on financial deglobalisation in banking. The main results of this research article will be briefly summarised and discussed in the following.

As the global financial crisis started to unfold in 2007 nobody could predict the effects on international trade and international finance. But what we know now is: Since 2008 international trade has no longer been growing faster than…